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    For psychological and behavioral counseling

    Tawazone Center

    For psychological and behavioral counseling

    Every time and place ... When you encounter a problem in this life ... and you find yourself at the crossroads ... do not hesitate and ask for help ..

    Get your psychological, behavioral and family counseling in complete comfort and confidentiality, with an elite certified group and highly experienced counselors in the field of mental and behavioral health.

    Book your appointment now, and communicate directly online with your therapist via the website page.

    October 2021
    Three steps for

    Booking a quick appointment

    You can book an appointment with your therapist without the need to register on the site

    First: Reservation of the appointment

    Choose a specific day, choose your therapist, and the appropriate time

    Second: Payment and confirmation of the appointment

    Pay the cost of the appointment by credit card or other available payment methods

    Third: a reminder of the appointment

    Expect a call from the site shortly before the appointment to remind you of the date of the treatment session